Applying NASA Systems Engineering Handbook with Capella

Starting this year at Capella Days 2021, we’ll be beginning the event with an online warm-up session that will provide a smooth introduction to Arcadia and Capella applied on an educational case-study in the space domain.

This session will be presented by Remy Drouin, head of the system department at CILAS (spatial and defense domain) managing System Architects, coaching MBSE/Systems engineering, and also an MBSE lecturer.

During his 2 hour session, Remy will start by presenting what Systems Engineering is and then introduce the established NASA systems engineering processes, also known as the “NASA Systems Engineering Handbook”.


Remy will then present the Arcadia method, which is at the heart of the Eclipse Capella MBSE workbench, and draw the parallel between the two approaches to explain how NASA's Requirement Definition and Technical Solution Definition processes can be supported with the Arcadia concepts.


After this introduction, Remy will concretely illustrate the correspondences between the two approaches through an educational case-study based on the HUBBLE Space Telescope.


Remy will show the models that can be created with Capella, following the Arcadia concepts, for each one of the four main processes recommended by NASA to create such a complex system:

  • define stakeholder needs and environment,
  • formalize system requirements,
  • develop system logical architecture,
  • develop system physical architecture.


If you are new to Systems Engineering, interested in learning more about NASA’s approach, or just want to discover how Arcadia and Capella can be applied to a well-known example, don’t miss this warm-up session. It will be a good start before the talks presented later in the conference.

Register here, to attend Capella Days 2021.

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