Metamodel (Ecore) Design Checklist

This is an index page for the Metamodel (Ecore) Design Checklist serie, a condensed version listing all the rules of the article (part1 and part2) for your convenience.

I compiled the following checklist based on my personal experience, this is not exhaustive and I expect it to live and get richer over time.

Most of the checks stated here are very easy to comply with when considered from the start. When it’s later down the road the gain/risk ratio should be evaluated as some changes might need to update some code, some files or might just be too much work to be worth it then. Because of this and because we sometime learned the hard way you might quite easily find some Ecore models I authored which are not 100% compliant with this list ;).

By the way, feel free to tell me about your own rules, I might add it to the list!

Ground rules

Outside world



Ecore.ecore using EcoreTools
Metamodel (Ecore) Design Checklist - part 2

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