Sirius 4.1

When I was a child one of my favorite game was Puzzle Bobble, you may remember these two little dragons Bub and Bob. What I loved in this game : simple rules, easy to play and so very addictive.

This is exactly what I feel when I think about the new Properties View feature in Eclipse Sirius:

The rules are really simple as it is the same as the ones existing for the other Sirius representations : define your properties in the .odesign file, it is dynamic, no code generation is involved.

It is very easy to use as it follow habits of Sirius Specifier : use expression to go through the model, then it is flexible even for complex Ecore models.

And it is also greatly addictive! You will start by trying it on one of your Sirius based modeler and finally you will want to use it everywhere, even on non Sirius based editors.

The Properties View component exists from Sirius 4.0 but it was labeled as experimental. During the summer we worked hard on this topic and today we are glad to announce Sirius 4.1. Let’s go to the industrial world! Stéphane and I will detail all the new features available in this new release at EclipseCon Europe, don’t miss it! Book the slot :  Sirius 4.1 : Let Me Sirius That For You! Theater Stage - Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 16:00.

Also, don’t forget also to register for Fred’s funny Sirius Workshop: let’s create a graphical modeling editor for a robot! or attend Cédric’s talk about the Modeling Avengers and after all Be Serious With Sirius by coming to Etienne’s talk about Your Journey From First Experimentation to Large Deployment talk.


As my favorite small dragons are used to say Ready? for Sirius 4.1 Go!

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