SiriusCon 2020: Multicore Automotive Software Development by BOSCH


On the 18th of June, we will have the pleasure of welcoming Syed Aoun Raza, Rakesh Nidavani, Amal Jose Vallavanthara from Robert Bosch Gmbh to SiriusCon Live 2020. They will present the visualization tool they have developed with Eclipse Sirius, and their feedback on the usage of this open source technology.

The tools built with Sirius are integrated in a workbench for multicore automotive software development at Bosch.

One of the main challenges in automotive software development is the increasing number of electronic control units (ECUs) to provide more and more autonomy and connectivity to the modern vehicles. More numerous and heavily used, they are also more stressed by increasingly complex computations. This explains the advent of multi-core ECUs in the automotive domain and the need for component-level multi-core software design, development and integration.

But software developers on this kind of systems face specific challenges that are not well covered by traditional software development tools:

  • data consistency analysis,
  • memory management,
  • tasl-to-core mapping,
  • timing simulations,
  • etc.

Moreover, solutions available on the market are not adapted to specific needs of Bosch.

To address this challenge, Bosch has built a tailored platform for multi-core software systems. In this platform several visualization tools have been created with Eclipse Sirius.

Memory and Busload View


Other Views

In this talk Syed and his colleagues will present this platform. They will also provide insights into the decision criteria and benefits achieved with Sirius and some tips & tricks to optimize this open source solution on aspects such as performance or layout.

Register for his presentation at SiriusCon Live, the 18th of June 2020

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