What makes EclipseCon Europe a good conference ?

imageEclipseCon Europe 2014is getting close and it will only get harder to book hotel rooms and flights. It's probably time to decide whether you come or not. Let me tell you what you can expect from such an event :

Getting in touch with the technology,  the people behind it and its users.
I would argue that this is the main point of such a conference. Those 3 days are filled with presentations either from the project commiters giving a glimpse of what you could expect, or from users of the technology giving experience reports about how it helped them and what you might want to keep an eye on. Furthermore, presenters are sticking around during the conference and the friendly spirit makes it very easy to start a discussion and learn more.
This content is something you won't find anywhere else.

A lot of Modeling content
If you are into modeling or using it at work, going to this conference should be a no brainer.Xtext,Sirius, EMF Compare and many moretechnologies are represented during those days.

Speakers are good
In the last five years we have seen an impressive boost of quality regarding the talks and the way they were given. Most of the talks are kept in a 35 minutes slot and with the Program Commitee we worked hard to make sure the sessions will have good content but also good speakers.

Tutorials,  Unconference
3 hours sessions are planned so that you can get your hands dirty using some of the Eclipse Technologies. IoT,Cloud , Java, OSGi, EMF or Xtext are covered for the 2014 edition of the conference. Not only that but rooms are booked for the "Unconference"  so that working groups can collaborate or projects can setup a "mini hackaton", that's a rare chance to gather people from different countries to work with.

Social Events 
The Circus, the concert, the receptions. Many occasions to enjoy yourselfandto meet the Eclipse family.

If you haven't registered yet you might consider doing it now as the price will rise at the end of the month.  I'm looking forward to meet you there !

Sirius 2.0 : Under the Hood
Eclipse @Devoxx

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