Sirius Web Behind the Scene #1

At the end of last year Obeo open sourced a new project at the Eclipse Foundation : Sirius Web. Sirius web is a framework to easily create and deploy modeling studios to the web.

Sirius web is evolving a lot and we would like to share with the community these on-going enhancements.

I am pleased to introduce a new regular series of videos: “Behind the scene of Sirius Web”. The goal is to show you in 1-2 minutes each month what we are working on in the Sirius Web project. For this first session, I invited Stéphane Begaudeau, Software Architect of Sirius Web to present his work on the Diagramming Component that aims at making this component easier to reuse in any web environment.

Thanks to all our customers for helping in financing this development around Sirius Web.

See you next month for another “Behind the scene”!

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