T-8:00 1st stage Sirius Web loading begins

Source code is flowing into the first stage of the Obeo rocket. Our goal is to bring the spirit of Sirius into a new technological space : Sirius Web is the Cloud-based evolution of Sirius, 100% Open Source.

The Sirius Web engine combines the open source components EMF-JSON & Sirius Components. These components will be available under the Sirius project : http://eclipse.org/sirius, with the source code on Github :

  • EMF-JSON is a small library to serialize EMF models to JSON,
  • The Sirius Components repository provides backend and frontend components
  • The Sirius Web repository combines the open source Sirius components to provide a graphical modeler sample application.

  • Define your metamodel thanks to EMF.
  • Provide a Sirius configuration to specify the mapping between the different concepts of your DSL and how they should be represented graphically.
  • Register the metamodel & the Sirius specification in the Sirius Web application.
  • Build and launch the application!
  • As a result, you get a graphical modeler dedicated to your DSL rendered in your browser.

    T-4:00 OCP is ready to go
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