CEO of Obeo

I started as a software engineer with a hint of academia through a master degree. I got involved in open-source projects quite early through contributions to KDE or the Linux Kernel, I then joined the Eclipse community and I am leading couples of projects there (EcoreTools, Amalgamation) and I am a member of the Architecture Council. The itch I keep scratching is 'How can we make better and open tools, faster?' and that led me to domain specific modeling practices and technologies. I like to share my findings through conferences and happened to co-author a number of articles and research papers.

Eclipse Modeling Package - The Road to Luna

Since the last public survey , my primary focus for the modeling package was :to include Ecore related technologies, or companion technologies with a low UI profileto only include components which are used largely enough to consider them as stable (and not in incubation)to ease the discovery and installation of the other Eclipse Modeling technologiesto include what is necessary (Git,Java and plugi...