Psst, psst, you might want to submit right now for EclipseCon Europe!


Europeans have been slightly busy lately but now that the tournament is over no doubt many people will focus on the next big event in Europe: EclipseCon!

The call for paper is closing in exactly one week (Monday, 18th) so don’t procrastinate, especially when you are French and are planning to take the opportunity of a long weekend!

“Why not wait until the last minute like every year?”

Here are a few things to consider:

the community voting is open for this conference, the sooner your talk is submitted, the more eyes will go over it and might vote for it. With already more than 129 submissions everything counts. the program committee is reviewing the proposals pretty much as they come, if we comment your proposal or ask for clarifications submitting early gives everybody more time to react. Once the deadline is over the selection phase is quite short! small is beautiful: abstracts which are “to the point” are giving clear insight into what content and structure you are proposing. No need for 400 words of context, stick to what makes your submission relevant to EclipseCon and interesting to share.

I wish I gave you the extra push you needed to move this task up in your schedule, go ahead and submit your talk now !

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