Capella Day Munich 2019: - Everything you always wanted to know about Arcadia and Capella, the open MBSE tool

The third edition of the Capella Day conference is approaching fast! This year it will take place in the beautiful city of Munich (München for our German friends), on September 16th (see

CapellaDay 2019 - Munich
Interested in MBSE? Once again this year, Capella Day will be the opportunity to discover Capella and Arcadia if you’re new to them, but also to get in touch with the experts and hear about the latest news.

The conference will let a wide range of speakers talk about their experience: Introduction to Arcadia (the method) and Capella (the tool), overview of the current Capella orientations and roadmap, lessons learnt from companies actually deploying it, and miscellaneous presentations about integrating Capella with downstream tools to achieve digital continuity.

CapellaDay 2019 - Munich
A few words about me to begin with: I’m Laurent Delaigue, expert in Model-Based Engineering at Obeo where I’ve been exploring all the aspects of Model-Based approaches for software or system design. I’m currently in charge of leading the development of System Modeling Workbench (SMW), our integration of Capella with the famous PLM Teamcenter.

I’m personally particularly interested in the integration of Capella with basically the rest of the world, so it will be my great pleasure to discuss why integrating MBSE tools with one’s own ecosystem of tools is necessary and how it can be achieved with Capella.
I will also take this opportunity to illustrate this topic with System Modeling Workbench.

In short, I will focus on how such an integration between Capella and other tools can be achieved. However, there will be many other talks, and if you want to know more about SMW, Christoph Marhold, from Siemens PLM Software, will provide details and insight about the value brought by System Modeling Workbench and Teamcenter at 1:30 PM. Please see the program for all the details about the talks.

In my presentation I will discuss several aspects of Capella integration:
Organizational strategies in the context of the open-source Capella license & development process: How to benefit from the Capella & Arcadia community, why and when to contribute;
Overview of the eco-system of Tools around Capella, maturity, current developments and trends;
Technical details of implementation approaches: Extension mechanisms supported by Capella, available strategies to connect it to other tools and how to choose between them.

I hope this will answer some of your questions and trigger some interesting discussions… Because that’s what Capella Day is all about: sharing and moving MBSE forward together, all that in the friendliest atmosphere you can imagine.

See you there!

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