Eclipse Modeling Package - The Road to Luna

Since the last public survey, my primary focus for the modeling package was :to include Ecore related technologies, or companion technologies with a low UI profileto only include components which are used largely enough to consider them as stable (and not in incubation)to ease the discovery and installation of the other Eclipse Modeling technologiesto include what is necessary (Git,Java and plugin development, sdks) to develop your own specific tooling using Eclipse Modeling.As the package was fairly large at that time one of my primary course of action was to try to keep it slim. Not that I think the size matters that much in the end, but the more we add in the package, the less things works as expected and as testing and validating the package is a one man effort, I had to make choices based on that too.

Several people chimed in lately with other components to include - and as we are starting the Luna cycle I think it is a good time to have another survey and learn about what you expect as an end user.

Please, take a few minutes to answer the following survey, tweet about it, share the link on google plus or whatever so that I can get data to push things forward.

Eclipse @Devoxx

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