⦏Eclipse Sirius⦎ SiriusCon 2018 is SiriusCon Live!

Each year November and December months are what I would call “very busy months”, but each year I have this event I know will be awesome which is SiriusCon.

Eclipse Sirius is a technology used to create modeling environments using graphical modelers, tables, trees or form editors. This technology is an enabler to capture your expertise, your methodology and then share it within your organization or toward customers. Compared to other comparable technologies Sirius gives results with low efforts, does not require you to be able to code and is Open-Source with a license which does not restrict your ability to deliver your tool the way you see fit.

SiriusCon is THE event for graphical modeling, an opportunity to get experience reports from users of the technology, to expose and discuss the project progress, to share roadmaps and to engage with the community.

Obeo has been hosting SiriusCon 3 years in a row in Paris, each edition was a success and an energizing moment for the teams and me.

Sirius as a technology is evolving, improving on the user experience of diagram editors, offering new features and simultaneously embracing the web and cloud-based environments.

Sirius as a community is growing, the project forum see more newcomers, basically one every 3 days while on the same period last year it was one every 4 days.

image Stats from the Sirius Forum

The Sirius community knows no border users Japan, North Africa, Canada, United States, Columbia and many other countries reached out to us while they are building their domain specific tooling on top of Sirius. It became obvious that we had to evolve our event.

Hence, SiriusCon Live!

The event is now Online, fully accessible through the web and composed of two half days: the first one more interesting to explorers getting in touch with the technology (4th of December) while the second half-day will feature more technical content (5th of December).

We kept the same principles: deep technical content, feedback from the trenches, exclusive information about the roadmap and the community involvement to set the pace for the next few years!

I for one am excited to hear experience reports from the NASA - Robust Software Engineering Group when the Insight Lander just arrived on Mars, from the CEA - DAM which have to manage incredibly complex simulations, from Atrris Corporation in Japan, building their RAD tool, Pexa, from Altran - Netherlands which went deep in integrating Xtext editors and Sirius Diagrams, from I-BP which improved the user experience of their tool by leveraging the form based editors and from Thales which have a unique perspective as they are building Capella on top of Sirius for more than 10 years now.

More than 130 peoples from more than 30 countries already “in” for this online event, registering is a few clicks away.


I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy it, we are working hard to make it a success :-)

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