T-8:00 1st stage Sirius Web loading begins

Source code is flowing into the first stage of the Obeo rocket. Our goal is to bring the spirit of Sirius into a new technological space : Sirius Web is the Cloud-based evolution of Sirius, 100% Open Source.

The Sirius Web engine combines the open source components EMF-JSON & Sirius Components. These components will be available under the Sirius project : http://eclipse.org/sirius, with the source code on Github :

  • EMF-JSON is a small library to serialize EMF models to JSON,
  • The Sirius Components repository provides backend and frontend components
  • The Sirius Web repository combines the open source Sirius components to provide a graphical modeler sample application.

How do you create a cloud-ready modeler based on Sirius Web?

  • Define your metamodel thanks to EMF.
  • Provide a Sirius configuration to specify the mapping between the different concepts of your DSL and how they should be represented graphically.
  • Register the metamodel & the Sirius specification in the Sirius Web application.
  • Build and launch the application!

As a result, you get a graphical modeler dedicated to your DSL rendered in your browser.

To get more details about Sirius Web and how to run it for your own DSL, attend Obeo’s rocket liftoff. Launch remains on schedule for October 21 at 2:00 p.m CET.

T-4:00 OCP is ready to go
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