Eclipse Sirius, the technology behind Capella

As the state-of-the-art engineering tool vendors did not provide the appropriate offer, Thales decided in 2007 to develop its own Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) method and workbench. This initiative resulted in Arcadia and Capella.

To reduce the complexity and the cost of developing such a custom modeling tool, Thales worked with Obeo to create a new technology that could facilitate the creation and the maintenance of graphical modeling workbenches. This technology, Eclipse Sirius, is available in open source since 2013.

Completely generic, Sirius leverages the Eclipse modeling technologies, including EMF for the model management and GMF for the graphical representation. It makes it possible to equip teams who have to deal with complex architectures on specific domains.

It is particularly adapted for users that have defined a DSL (Domain Specific Language) and need graphical representations to better elaborate and analyze a system and improve the communication with other team members, partners or customers... Read the full article on the original web site


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