How to define your own ELK layout and use it in Sirius Desktop?

For a while now, Sirius has integrated ELK (Eclipse Layout Kernel)  to make it easier to define your own custom diagram layouts.  ELK provides  several layout styles  that can be used directly . But it can also be useful to develop your own layout algorithm to address your specific needs. As a reminder, ELK provides two things: a collection of layout algorithms, and an infrastructure that bridges ...

SiriusCon 2021: Healthcare, Safety, Distributed Systems, … the Variety of Sirius-Supported Domains

What are the common points between doctors creating a care pathway in a hospital, safety engineers conducting the risk analysis of a complex system, and stakeholders collaboratively working on a large distributed system? These are three examples of all the very different use-cases supported by Sirius that will be presented during SiriusCon 2021 (held online from the 15th to the 17th of June).   Me...

SiriusCon 2021: Cloud, Cloud, and... Cloud

From the 15th to the 17th of June, we are organizing the 6th edition of SiriusCon , the annual conference dedicated to Eclipse Sirius , the open-source graphical modeling solution. For the third time in a row, it will be held online. On the program, among the very different topics that will be presented this year, the Cloud is unmissable! It will be addressed in two main axes. First, as a use-case...

Sirius Web Behind the Scene #4

I am happy to present you the new Sirius Web “Behind the scene” session. Here and now, Guillaume Coutable, Consultant at Obeo, gives a demonstration of the list container support he is working on. We are thankful to all our customers for their support to Sirius Web! See you next month for another “Behind the scene” session!

Sirius Web Behind the Scene #3

And here it is! The Sirius Web “Behind the scene” third session. I am pleased to give the stage to Florian Barbin, Consultant at Obeo. He gives a short tour of the new incremental layout he developed with William Piers based on Thales needs. We are very grateful to our customers for contributing to Sirius Web! See you next month for another “Behind the scene” !

Sirius Web Behind the Scene #2

Welcome to another Sirius Web “Behind the scene”. For this second session, I invited Axel Richard, Consultant at Obeo to present his work on the integration of the Sirius Web Diagramming Component with Cloud IDEs. Thanks to all our customers for helping in financing this development around Sirius Web. See you next month for another “Behind the scene” !

How and why we Optimized the Sequence Diagram in Capella

In December, version 5.0 of Eclipse Capella was released. At Obeo we are proud to have contributed to the source code of this version. With my colleague Nathalie Lépine , we worked on the optimization of the Sequence Diagram. Developed by Thales with the support of Obeo, the Capella workbench is an open-source software solution to design systems architecture. Widely adopted worldwide in various in...