Langium + Sirius Web = heart

Some very well known languages propose a graphical and a textual representation, this is notably the case of two modeling languages: UML and SysML v2. In order for Eclipse Sirius Web to adapt to the needs of any modeler, it is important that it can be used to express a model in this way. In 2017, we published with TypeFox a white paper about how a textual representation can be combined with a graphical representation. Over the last two years, we have studied how to integrate this kind of representation in Sirius Web, as we had announced during EclipseCon 2021. This year, we are finally ready to show you more about that!

By the means of two proofs of concept, we were able to experience this new representation thanks to two different technologies: XText as well as Langium, its alternative in the web platform. Two different ways to show how Sirius Web can be extended.

During a talk at EclipseCon 2022, we propose to share with you our feedback on these two proofs of concept. What are the difficulties we have encountered? How did we integrate a tool such as Langium into Sirius Web whereas the technologies are totally different? Was it difficult? We answered all these questions during our talk “Langium + Sirius Web = <3”  at EclipseCon 2022!


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