A small glimpse of EclipseCon EU (1/4): One more step in Sirius tables customization!

Sirius 6.1 should be released (along with a corresponding Obeo Designer CE) right before EclipseCon Europe 2018. This version is mostly about stabilisation of previous work with some nice new features as an extra bonus! We couldn't resist in sharing what's new before ECon EU. Discover them in this series of posts (see also part 2 and part 3), and come see us at EclipseCon to learn about the present and future of Sirius.

For the sake of representation customization, a new table configuration is available. Indeed, specifiers can now customize a bit more their table representations by hiding the left-most column and for that, a simple value needs to be change. In order to discover or to have more details on this new functionality, join us at Eclipsecon Europe in Ludwigsburg by the end of October and enjoy one of our talks, or just take 5 minutes to get a demo at our booth.

Until now, the first column of table (header column) was always displayed after creation of table. For some users, it can be useless or repetitive or it can take too much room. Of course, he can hide it by resizing manually the column but this is not really efficient if you have many tables.

Sirius table - Initial header column is displayed by default

That is why a new configuration is now accessible to hide this column after table creation.

To hide header column of Edition Table, the specifier simply needs to change a value in the Sirius modeler definition (.odesign file). Indeed, specifier can now define a new value -1 in the Initial Header Column Width field of Edition table representation. In this way, user will not see anymore the left-most column of the table.

Sirius table customization - Initial header column is hidden

Of course, if the end-user really wants to see the first column, he can always resize it to make it visible.

Customization will always be one of Sirius goals and that is why we continue adding small features like this one.

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